Exist-en-tialisms (continued)

My last blog post found me one step away from licking metaphorical ice cream off of a lobby floor  (“Excuse me sir, but would you mind..?  I dropped some of my ice cream on your feet…”)

Some would be happy to know that my State of Funk has improved to MORE than a tongue inch away from the much-trafficked, lobby carpeting…

Whilst finding myself  sadly absorbed  with watching Life-As-I-Knew-It  melt in a puddle at my feet, a few faithfuls  took the gap to sidle up to me, grab me by the crook of my arm and steer me over towards the elevator doors .

The thing about Other People is they are never as much in crisis over your own crisis as you are.   Have you noticed that?  This can be irritating, but is also largely helpful as they tend to offer insights that are a bit more unperturbed, a bit oblivious (to be honest) and largely more upbeat.

So, whilst the faithfuls are cheerfully punching the “Up” buttons and chattering away, the necessary break in self absorption is provided and a little bit more sense and understanding trickles in…

Understanding #1:  Life is never as Over as we think it is.  When one thing appears to be dying, this does not mean that there will NEVER be a replacement for it EVER (woe is me).  The truth is that there are always new avenues to explore and sometimes these avenues are ones we would never have THOUGHT to explore had we otherwise stuck to the ‘blob of heaven’ we previously assumed best to settle on.

Understanding #2: We are never as Alone as we think we are.  Im a hardy peach pip that often sits like an old fart, refusing to crack and to let the goodness of people in.  The thing is, you dont know it til you know it.  Its the glimmer of the thing that has got me thinking… WHAT am i keeping out?!!!

Food for Thought #1: A mentor friend of mine has decided to expand her horizons by meaningfully and deliberately extending her “Lets Talk Life and Serious Things and Bounce Some Ideas About” group.  The enticing thing about this friend’s expansion idea is that she is including people from beyond her circles.  She has intentions to unapologetically enter into dialogue with people whom we might steer clear of because of their appeared Status.  I LIKE this:)

So, the interesting thing i find is that  life is not a tall building with an elevator shaft that we have to navigate: i do believe i am now OUTDOORS on a small, marginally beaten track and the Good Lord (because i do believe in Him) is asking me to peer ahead and walk it.  My ice-cream cone and blob are now fading images of settlement huts that i had erected to STAY(cough, to STAY) and He is pushing me BEYOND on the journey forward.

My heels are dug in somewhat, but who would not want to go for a walk in rural Africa to see around the corner, mmm…?


2 thoughts on “Exist-en-tialisms (continued)

  1. You had me at ice-cream…

    We do tend to be so dramatic, don’t we? In the past I have struggled with feeling alone, especially that God has left me by myself to do all this “Christian” work.

    But I have drawn a line in the concrete (not sand) to say that I will not go there again. I am choosing to believe He is right here, closer than my skin and I’m not backing down.


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