The One about Life

There is much to be said about taking things easy.

When you are born as a person who, like myself, leans towards melancholic tendencies, Life is all about the Dissection of All Things into Their Most Minuscule Parts, and not so much about… well… Life! This can be rather problematic.

To read a book, for example, that is not life-changing or, at least, perceived to be life challenging– well, what a ‘waste of time’! To have conversations with friends that do not involve the deeper workings of the inner soul- well, why then speak at all? Totally True Story. Ask my friends of years.

Can you see the problem?

Well, as unbelievable as it might seem, it’s actually taken me a number of years to see the problem. I have built my foundation on good performance, good eating habits, good attitudes, good advice…And have nearly been chocked to death by the hold of ‘doing, thinking, wanting, expressing, breathing things’ right.

The fortunate thing about life is that we are not all me and there are other (previously confusing but far more embracing and meritable) approaches to life. In step the bubbly Sanguines and laid back Phlegmatics of the world- who paint with Colour and Create and sip coffee casually with friends and laugh a lot easier and looked far more relaxed (without a few drinks under their belts), and might be a bit ditzy and foreign to me, but probably have a much more enjoyable time of things.

It’s from these lucky fellows tables that I am now eating.

Risk? You want me to RISK? Ok, let me risk a little. DREAM?! You want me to DREAM (in colour nogal), ok I will dream. But it does not serve the greater communi… ?!  Ok, Ok. I will take those things relegated to the pile of All Things Inane and have another look again…


2 thoughts on “The One about Life

  1. Have you seen “YES MAN” with Jim Carrey? It’s recommended by this bubbly Sanguine and laid-back Phlegmatic friend! It’s about living with RISK! Start today, say yes, and watch it!

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