Thoughts-slash-poems (over the years)

Once a Nowhere Child
Now discovering i am Yours…


You would think accumulation would do it

         that pair of shoes, that dress,

that look, that man,

that dream fulfilled…


Funny how it doesn’t.



You have forged a way unseen,


to natural sight

         along unfamiliar paths that require changed hearts,


so we must hold on


I have read in Your word

that the harlot would rise victorious

-the shame of years



Free to be a lighter being,

commissioned to call herself ‘New’






It is a simple meal:

Bread and wine.

But it is sufficient.


Come and eat.


Thinking of you:

you seem to have a foothold…



God help you climb.


God help you heal, feel.


God help you disengage the embrace

of a doubting mind.


No defeat here, nothing downtrod.


God help you shine!


Your Ways,



Stone carvings in cold, cavernous tombs.


We give birth to dead things


and gaping, gaping irrelevance.


If you don’t mind,

            I have been walking down this road

for far too long,

 I’d like to pass by on the other side.

If you don’t mind,

            I’ve felt the need to be too strong,

 I’d like to rest for a while.

If you don’t mind,

            The cracks I’ve tried to hide

Are starting to show,

 So, if you don’t mind,

I’m going to start singing a different song.




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