Tis the season to be-come morbid, tralalalala, lala, lala

As i swallow down my lung-freezing, cappucino smoothie that i have bought to momentarily stave off the (im- 27- and- single- which- normally- does- not- bother- me -until- the -year- winds- down- like- this- and-i-am-trying-to-behave) holiday blues, my restuarant- afforded vantage point allows me to watch the mawl crawlers crawling on by, as i contemplate my current mood and the extra push from within that i seem to have to exert now to honestly feel, well, happy.

I have very little time for Christmas, to be honest, although i cannot avoid the excitement that comes from gift-buying and all the extra cash that needs spending on coffee dates, movie dates, new years plans and the likes (what is that called- the adrenalin [excitement mixed with fear] that comes from spending money irresponsibly? Haha).  Christmas ITSELF, i feel,  is a shallow convention and any Christian cliche’s thrown at me over this period a mild-to-gagging irritation.  Yes, Jesus was born, yes it is good news, yes Santa is a delightful concept to any child still believing in him (although the Santa i just passed in the mall seems to be a bit of a old-timer, pervert and not one i would let my kids touch with a barge-pole) but seriously, im more captivated by the concept of a Source/Being that conceptualises things like galaxies and colour and LIFE and that still exists even beyond an incarnation/birth, death and resurrection in a MIGHTY format than having to forcibly steer my brain towards a 25 December-inspired ‘thank you’ towards the heavenlies.  I shall not start on my feelings towards Christmas carols…

One of my thoughts is that I believe that we live far too much walking on concrete and far too little time amongst the trees, spiders, moss, rivers and more earthy things: which makes it THAT much easier to get caught up in trivialities, to be honest.  Because we are excitement seekers by nature- the mundane become unbearable in our 8-5 jobs (well, yours: i work 8h30-14h00)- its probably that we NEED a festive season to prop up the holidays.  We need the shops in the malls to twinkle their lights scintillatingly at us in order to give us that feeling of…difference.  We need to celebrate things and have a reason to bring family and friends together beyond the day-to-day.

But, perhaps if our homes shook more in the wind and our food grew under our noses, our families were a campfire away and our God did not have to shout through the window panes, we would be a little more satisfied and content with our realities.  Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Tis the season to be-come morbid, tralalalala, lala, lala

  1. Hey Jean,

    Very deep piece and interesting piece of writing!

    The only point I have to make is well – people become very materialistic and so therefore Christmas becomes about stuff and quite frankly we end up accumulating so much stuff that it gets in the way. If its not watching tv, then its games and surfing the internet, if its not that then its the chores around the house and so on. If one didnt have dstv, games, a pc and didnt have too many things to distract one then people would have more time.

    Making time with God is one that when there is too much to distract, it just never happens or we keep putting it off. Making time with God is a commitment that we have to make and set aside on a day to day basis or when the need arises. I don’t have too much in CT to distract me other than work and my pc so I often put aside time for this – shut out life noises and pray, spend some time with him try to hear him. If we are not hearing God I rate that one can pray ask God to help us hear him/hear his word on something?

    I guess, it is really cool to go out into the country for peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, clear ones mind and perhaps maybe hear Gods voice more clearer……..but one doesn’t only have to go to the country to hear him. It is also about clearing ones mind, getting rid of the stuff and daily modern distractions and making a point/setting time aside at a regular time each day to pray and listen and read his word. Easier said than done – but that is where we have to make time/find the time and almost make that time into a regular part of our day.

    As far as Christmas carols go, they are ok and add to the festive vibe, but I don’t really enjoy them to the point that it is the same thing year after year. You walk into supermarkets, shopping centres etc and they are playing the same tunes as last year. I have been to so many Carol services at churches and 9 lessons as they are called…..I am so sick and tired of them, that I have stopped going to them for abit.

    Christmas can be a good time of year – I mean in the UK, with the cold weather and snow around this time, the warm Mulled wine, the Christmas treats and decorations in homes and on trees and bunkering down with friends in a warm apartment or at a Christmas party etc really makes it a bit more festive and magical. But I rate it is what one makes of it – I guess if one gets sucked into the Christmas hype, the shopping, the materialistic part of Christmas etc then it might become a bit depressing year after year. I guess one has to take the whole occasion, the holidays and make it into something that we would like to to be – rise above the occasion, take hold of the situation and make it our own!

    Any thoughts on the above?


  2. Babe, I SO hear you!!!!
    Hate this time of year myself and would go camping up in a mountain somewhere simple were it not for the girls. xxx

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