Contemplations on faith …

“Faith”, as a word, is but a word, i am realising:

one ascribed to that state in which we find ourselves as we mentally, emotionally and spiritually lean towards and on the Living God.

I sometimes wonder, man attempts aside, how faith would be described by God Himself: by Him who is not confined to language or the small, small concepts that our dim understandings can grasp.

I wonder, as He considers US, what is that fullness He knows in His heart that He draws us towards- and how big are the gaps between that fullness of experience and what WE give our time and selves to.

When we say, “I believe”, does this mean: ” I have the diploma neatly framed on my wall now- look and see” or “I have no clue really, but God show me every day what i cannot see which will bring life and trust in You to me” ?

The Bible says that Jesus is the Author and Perfector of our faith.

This would imply that he wrote, with his feet, heart and life, this concept of full faith- this complete leaning towards and on God- and that WE are the Sometimes-Seeing believers who trundle along that path as best we can whilse HE works out the rest for us and turns the lights on.


As i struggled today to do the right thing, I contemplated on Jesus, the Author of my faith:

WHY would he spend the time to write it out for me, to live out loving God right on my behalf, to break and remake the mould of faith, if it were not WORTH my while (oh dim-sighted self) to press the soles of my feet into the imprints he has left for me to follow?



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