I was chatting in the kitchen at work with a six year-old lad the other day- half focussed on making myself a good and needed cup of tea and half tuned into his gleaming-eyed exposition of his future career plans. 

Simply put, this young man’s life dream was to People Rescue By Horse.  He has it all figured out: start learning to ride at 13, grow a wee bit bigger (he acknowledged quite soberly), train the required steed called Socks (indeed!) and then, quite simply, Save the Planet.

Our conversation spanned the length of time it took me to fill the kettle and spoon sugar onto the tea bag floating in my cup.  Looking down on the earnest set of the young lad’s expression as he chattered away, i was decidedly struck by the contrast between his magical, child-like aspirations and my more dull, sober and adult ones.  

By golly, at what age do we cross over into the world of adult practicalities and lose our ability to wonder?!  And why? I wondered.


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