On dogs and their people…

You can tell a lot about your neighbours (and people in general) by the type of dog they keep.

Mine is a Jack Russel who goes by the name of Jake.  And, to be honest, he is not really mine- he belongs to my twin sister, whose garden and laundry I share.  Jake becomes ‘my’ dog when I need to be taken for walks.  Bar that, he occasionally pees in my flatlet and subjects me to gorgeous, woeful, eye-lined looks through the glass of my sliding door when he is feeling sorry for himself.  Which barely moves me.  Like I said, dogs tell you plenty about the people who do or do not keep them…

I’ve just finished a walk around the neighbourhood with the above mentioned Jake and am astounded by the variety and breed of canine that tears up to each gate, hollering at full throttle in greeting to my four-footed walking buddy.

There are the mandatory maltese poodles that yip and yelp and half eat each other in their frenzy to get at us.  They generally come from houses with pot plants and old people with similar-coloured hair, who hide behind their curtains.  Jake and I cannot bring ourselves to take them too seriously.

As I approach a particular house that is in sad disrepair, with an overgrown garden and walls made from corrugated sheeting, I think to myself, “Wait for it…” And, true enough, out barrels something big, predominantly black and nasty, with a bobbed tail and not-so-friendly teeth.  We move on quickly, much to the chunky blokes dismay.

The lady who comes to speak to me over her front wall as I wait for the brindle staffi to finish sizing up poor Jakes backside, has light, flowing, chin-length hair and a gentle demeanor.  Her dog of choice is a young, golden retriever.  It makes absolute sense.

The most entertaining dogs by far are those that do not know their own size.  They are the kind that needs to stand up on their hind legs and plant their front paws on their gates in order to be noticed.  They generally bark in the wrong direction- incited more by noise than by sight- and, if give words, would probably be saying, “Where?!! Where?!!”

But they do give it stick when it comes to joining in the noisy fray- of that they can be proud.

Why their owners own them, however, I do not know.  Some people must enjoy having small things around I suppose…


1 thought on “On dogs and their people…

  1. Fabulous writing, Beanie. Ours is a one year old Border Collie who, becasue she is not walked nearly often enough by the child to whom she belongs, is a medium sized bundle of fluffy energy who chases her own tail (that’s my trait) and insists on getting attention by dropping slobbery items of twigs etc ON your feet (not pleasant in Winter!)for you to throw (that’s Tess!).
    She also guzzles down her food with not a blip of a thank you and, when finished eating, skulks off into another room (Jordan). The very final trait that she has is, when she is feelng tired and neglected, she hops onto one’s lap and nuzzle’s ones ear which is SO Martin!!!
    She is a fine blend of those that own her.

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