Bambi in the headlights

It is amazing how Stuckness comes upon us.

Much like Bambi in the headlights, certain realities, events or life concepts leave us frozen to the spot in dazed disorientation, willing ourselves to be anywhere other that where we are at.

When we are in Bambi mode, good vibes and thoughts are hard to conjur up- all we see is impending doom.  Which appears to be a truck.  A BIG truck.  Bearing down on us.

One thing i am learning well of life is that you can prep for it, load what you need onto your Big Girl Panties Toolbelt, turn about-face onto the divergent path (and the subsequent ones you find along the way) and vorder (afrikaans word for press on, i think?) but there will always come a point where determination and proactivity will come to a grinding halt.  You will perceive that you are, indeed, clueless and a tad bit bewildered and, lets be honest, stuck.  Here you will feel your true size against the backdrop of the universe (Truck) , along with a strong and gripping desire to whimper and flee the scene.

If you really are Bambi this is a good plant of action.

If you are metaphorical Bambi, then its not always the ideal.


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