Here i stand at Disillusionment’s door,

Alice in Wonderland

– ive just hit the floor.

The Mad Hatter sips whiskey and wonders what for…

I’m larger than life and then

Smaller than small.



The ships in the bottle,

The seas in the shell.

The Cheshire Cat’s grinning.

at coins in the well.

The rabbit is running with no time to tell.

I’m Alice in Wonderland, under his spell.



Here i bang on Frustrations floor,

Alice in Wonderland

– I want something more.

The Mad Hatter sits upright and remembers the call.

Life’s larger than life and i’m smaller than small.


I’m shaking the bottle,

Im shaking the shell.

The Cheshire Cat’s vanished

like smoke

– bye for now!

The Rabbit stops running and breathes for a spell.

I’m Alice in Wonderland

shouting like hell.


Here i stand at Opportunities gate,

Alice in Wonderland with no time to waste.

The Mad Hatter is beaming

-there’s gold on his plate!

Life’s here for the taking, he’s remembered of late.


The bottle is breaking,

The seas slipping free.

The wonderment’s rising

-there’s dancing in me.

The rabbit lies dreaming his dreams pleasantly

I’m Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland…


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