Tenacity!  That’s what Life demands of one.

It would seem that one couldn’t embark on this ruddy life journey without a fair amount of readiness to CLING and be hard-assed about it.

Tenacity is to go beyond what you even thought you had in you.  Tenacity is to stretch and to be stretched further than you thought you ever would be.  It is to be Elasto-girl.  Oftentimes without the hot body or body suit!

Tenacity is a certain level of Bounce Backness required in order to not get lost at the bottom of a bottle, ice cream tub, telly box or addiction of choice.  If its not a Bounce Backness, it’s a Crawl Backness.

Tenacity comes in hiking boots.

Tenacity has companions: fellow Elasto-girls and boys pulled into odd, elongated shapes, who smile lopsidedly and walk alongside you.


Just thought I would share that thought 😉


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