On being small fry…

Oh, what a humbling event gym is at around 17h00 on a weekday!

I liken it to the experience of being a teeny fish in the ocean that swims happily along supposing she is rather impressive (next to plankton!), and who receives a fresh dose of perspective when she encounters her first jolly large whale… 

Seventeen hundred hours at the gym is when the big boys and girls come out to play.

It is the time of day when small fishes should never swim alone…when one sheepishly realises one does not really know how properly to use the gym equipment…and when one does not really have the time to figure it out.

If you were doing two repetitions of eight in the weight lifting section thingy in the hours before 17h00, as that clock strikes and fit bodies start streaming into the building, you will now be intimidated enough to contemplate ten!

If you were impressed with your twenty minute WALK on the treadmill (oh look, I can even talk at the same time!), you might begin to contemplate a full out sprint to compete with the ladies on your left and right who are considerably older than you and charging down some imaginary track at a pace.

The flat screen t.v .in front of you that was a pleasant diversion previously, suddenly becomes riveting as you will your body into speed and motion far beyond its normal trajectory (at this point you can feel said body cocking an eyebrow and asking, ‘?!*%@!’)

Yes, 17h00 at a gym is an eventful thing

I shall never do it again.


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