Potential Blog Titles/FB Statuszz in China Land

“Why are we getting fat?” Mom and i ask each other, bewildered, as we pop another delicious morsel into our mouths…

“Jelly Fish with cabbage shreds or Edibble Tree Fungus Salad anyone…”

It’s 3am in the morning, why am I not sleeping?!”

“Tiannamen Square, never again…”

“The Chinese discover that dogs also make good pets; Siberian Husky finds new home in a 2-room apartment on the 9th floor…”

“Did I just see a Toy Pom (dog) being pushed around in a baby pram..?!”

“Who cares about the bicycles, there are 9 million umbrellas in Beijing.  With the pointy bits all at eye level.  Lots of fun…”

“My fat fat  feet in Beijing China…”

“Beijing comes alive at night…Not yet in love, but definitely infatuated.”

“Just bought five ice creams for the eqivalent of R8.50…and one cider for 50 bucks (sip slooowly)!!!!!!!!!”

“Rice Wine… tick…”

“Eel, tick.  Beef Tendon in marinade on a kebab stick, tick.  Now, where is that woof woof?”

“Where are you if riding the subway/underground pressed as close to your youngest bro (and surrounding people) as you have ever been?  Line 1, Beijing China

“I stand corrected, Chinese people do dawdle…”


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