Getting around

My family and I seem to be acclimatising to China land – the heat is not that hot, the distances are not that far and the menus not that foreign or surprising (i sampled tendon on a kebab stick last night, an oddly tasty and chewy experience…) 

Beijing as a ‘walking city’ is quite a novelty.  Beijingers walk, full stop.  They walk to work if they can, to the shops often.  They walk to meals and from meals.  If they eat at home, then they often go for a walk afterwards (9pm…10pm… whatever) because it is healthy to settle your meal this way, the air outside cools down at night and it is pleasant to mingle with friends and be among the population, I guess.  And to take your dog out to pee and poop!

My mom and I have becomer late night walkers too.  Our little flatlet in which we crash each night is a 2km walk from my brother’s apartment – through one shopping centre (to cool down), across one of the biggest roads I have ever had to negotiate, with its constant stream of traffic, and past plenty locals sitting outside on the city streets, around small tables, cooling down for the eve.

Mom and i enter at least one dark alleyway on the way to apartment, feeling completely safe.  Looked at (as foreigners), yes, but in no danger of mugging, assault or rape. How refreshing.

Something about the humidity/berg wind atmosphere makes this late night trekking a bit of a dizzying experience, though.  But still, the walking is novel.


2 thoughts on “Getting around

  1. Loving the updates, My Beanie. You sound as though you are having a whale of a time and really experiencing it too!!!
    Quite funny actually because my students are all Chinese (from Beijing) and we internittently talk about food (they hate British food), and lifestyle differences (they hate the women in the UK who walk around with tattoos and piercings and a muffin top that hides any clue to the fact that they are indeed female!) and it has been quite fun listening to them, because I know that you are over there experiencing all of the things that they tell me about.
    The buildings, traffic…it all comes out in class and gives me a much better picture in my head of the place.
    (One poor guy was nearly run down on his bike this morning. He has been cycling to uni every day for 4 weeks and only today – after I told him! – that the cars here go on the other side of the road. He was in his own little world and under the impression that Brits were just shit at driving!)

    Love you much.

    • hey ducks!
      It is good to hear from you (“,). Giving you a mental hug because I cannot give you a real one 😦
      You should definitely come and visit Beijing if ever able to. What i appreciate now is a better understanding of how our boet, Liam and Jiang Wei live. Mom and i have settled into a great routine and it feels like the new normal (“,). We are even getting chinese eyes from squinting against the air pollution, true story!

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