Scenes from the 9th floor (Beijing)

Nine stories up is a great vantage point to take in the city life below. 

As I let my gaze wander, I can hear the persisiting scraping and banging of renovations going on next door; A young couple soon to be married are refurbishing their new apartment to their taste.  Andrew tells me that on saying their ‘I do’ equivalents, her inlaws will move in with the happy newlyweds to begin all of their lives together…!  Gulp.  No thanks.

From my seat on the window sill I have spied two lovers, on their way to who-knows-where, pausing long enough for him to pick a pink bud out of a flower bed to put in her hair.  Amusingly, this surprisingly tender act is done with such a deadpan expression he might as well have been giving her a stick of chewing gum , but I suppose its the thought that counts.

On the neatly paved walkway in the complex of high rise apartment blocks across the way, a granny takes her toddler granddaughter out for a pee and a stroll.  This is a common sight – small children abluting on sidewalks or outside posh posh shopping complexes – so even this gweilo has stopped taking double-takes.  Although I am yet again reminded to burn all my shoes once I get home…

It is a drizzly day in Beijing China, which does not stop any muggyness;  It does have the fortunate affect of making the pollution look like mist so I can convince myself on at least this day that I have not passively smoked an entire box of cigarettes…

I look forward to wending my way home to Africa land.  My travel bag is packed and bulging with presents for family and friends.  I wonder if I will be fortunate enough to visit China Land again…


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