The story of us – the short version


Meet Rocker Chick and Intellectual Zombie Guy.  They are pocket zombies.

I imagined them into conceptual being one day a few years back on a cynical whim: my alter ego and her soul mate.

I thought, well if I can make of myself a Rock Star, well then my Zombie male life companion could be anyone I darn pleased him to be!  Even if I did not think he could ever exist in my reality…

Thus, he would be deeply intellectual, well read, articulate, deliberative, stimulating for my mind. Moreover, he would be a man who took God seriously and who would not be ashamed to get down on his knees in prayer when the occasion called for it.

It was a fabulously empty and cynical plan at the time, nevertheless, I contacted the local pocket zombie maker (yup, she exists!) and tasked her to make me 2 times Pocket Zombies: one to Imagetake the form of a Rocker Chick, the other an Intellectual Zombie.  The zombie maker could interpret and translate these concepts as she felt best…

Intellectual Zombie sits on a bucket, with head in hands, being pensive, as he does.  Books (ranging from Yeats poems to theology texts) pile up around his seat.  And carefully showing, just a tad, his heart.

Rocker chick has a stupid grin on her face as she pretends to be less cautious than she has always been.

These two stuffed beings ‘zombied up’ the tone of my home for a while; I do appreciate quirky!

The story does not end there. Fabulously so, while Intellectual Zombie may have been a whimsical projection of my ultimate guy, I now see he was a quirky prophetic tool that God used to help me articulate my then desires. Yes, God can even use pocket zombies people!

1000519_10151489765551879_1647767559_nI am just grateful that God forever and graciously exceeds and subverts my cynical expectations of life and my limited perceptions of who He is.


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